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1220_Steve Douglass

Lois Mackey
over 4 years agoFebruary 25, 2013
Thank you ALL for the opportunity to see the production and to Steve Douglass - You and your Appreciation/Value show clearly!
Alice Maksim
over 4 years agoMarch 2, 2013
I am listening to you on Focus onFamily and the interview with  the Olsteins.  I have prayed for info to forward and it came tonight via one I sponser in missions. The exciting happen ending  was when I was speaking to a Compass rep this evening for help in getting my emails he viewed the incoming mail and it was a The Bible. He askedmeabout it and assured me he will be watching . I join with you in prayer as i believe many, many will  be enter the kingdom because of your incredible accomplishment!
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